Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) 科技券

To enhance competitiveness of local small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”), the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) aims to subsidise SMEs on the use of technological services and solutions to improve productivity, upgrade or transform their business processes.

Funding up to $200,000 for each eligible enterprise will be provided on a 2:1 matching basis. The applicant enterprise must contribute no less than one third of the total approved project cost.

Application Requirements

  1. Registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310) (“BRO”) and with at least one year of substantive business operation in Hong Kong which is related to the project under application at the time of application.
  2. Fulfill the Government's definition of SMEs, i.e. manufacturing businesses employing fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; or non-manufacturing businesses employing fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong, at the time of application of a TVP project.

Application Procedures

  • Application Submission

  • Assessment

  • Project Implement

  • Disbursement of Funding

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