Trading Management System

Manage Sales, Inventory, Shipping And Supplier & Customer Data From A Unified System


An end-to-end trading ERP system specially designed to provide purchase, sales, inventory and trading management solutions. Optimize purchase requisition processes, reduce lead-to-cash cycles and inventory costs, and get the products you need for your customers - on your designated schedule, for the best price, and from reliable sources.

Manage Your Sales with FlexSystem Trading System

Complete Trading Solution That Manages Everything From Lead to Cash On a Single Platform

  • Easy Invoicing

    FlexSystem trading ERP system provides both customer account and sales order management. It also provides a repository that record all product retailed details, e.g. price, order status and stock availability.
    With FlexSystem trading ERP system, you will be able to minimize your inventory levels and improve performance of your trading business. Instant visibility into accurate product and customer information empowers you faster customer response time and heighten customer satisfaction. Easily create invoices based on the on sales orders and delivery orders. Sophisticated trading practices, e.g.assembly/ assortment, consignment order, or inter-company handling etc.

FlexSystem trading system erp sales order
  • Improve Supply Chain And Inventory Performance

    By setting inventory level trigger, FlexSystem trading ERP system will generate Purchase Order and send it to designated supplier. Moreover, task scheduling and alerting functions help avoiding to miss any deadline. Maintain inventory level and significantly improve capital efficiency using automated purchasing workflows to control the purchase-to-pay processes. Support various standard costing methods, e.g. weighted average, FIFO and LOT. And it allows you to attach files with drag and drop ease, for simpler recordkeeping with instant access to supporting documents.

FlexSystem trading system erp purchase order
  • Experience Real Time Traceability

    Well-managed inventory control is often a key in meeting profit margin objectives. Collaborate with Sales Order and Purchase Modules enables you to track every stock move from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order with accurate real time inventory details. FlexSystem trading ERP system allows you gain control over inventory replenishment and fulfill anticipated orders with adequate amount of goods, while keeping excess stock to a minimum. Support multiple inventory costing methods, e.g. FIFO, LIFO, Lot, standard unit cost and month end moving average cost.

FlexSystem trading system erp inventory
  • Get Statistics On Your Buying and Selling

    FlexSystem trading ERP system delivers full trading management reporting and analysis capabilities. Take advantage of gaining insight of your financial performance, supply chains, inventory status and trading processes to make better decisions on vendor selection, identify potential sales opportunities, improve your stock control, etc.

  • Customize Your Format

    FlexSystem provide tailor-made service to custom document layout design to suit your business needs, e.g. Quotation, Purchase Order, Invoice, Production Order, Packing List, Delivery Note, etc.

FlexSystem erp system report