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FlexHRIS is an integrated suite of applications that supports all aspects of the HR functions. FlexHRIS not only enables process automation, but also powers a secure, centralized database that allows efficient data management and maintains statutory updates. You and your employee can conveniently access the platform, anytime, anywhere via self-service.

HR software isn’t just for HR anymore.

FlexHRIS is designed for everyone in your organization.



Automate the HR processes and increase efficiency, and allow focus more on strategy.




Gain the ability to control their own information and increase satisfaction.




Managers can motivate and develop their talent anytime and anywhere.




Monitor your investment in human resources and drive it deliver business results.


Manage Talent with FlexHRIS And Surprise Yourself

Complete HR Solution That Manages Everything From Hire to Retire On a Single Platform

  • Managing The Employee Lifecycle Seamlessly

    With FlexSystem HRIS, a professional HR system where you can automate HR processes from recruitment, training, talent management, payroll, appraisal, remuneration. FlexHRIS HR system will help you to monitor and analysis your investment in human resources.

  • Complete Employee Database

    Capture comprehensive employee profile centrally, contract, staff remuneration package, company assets, certificate, license, movement and termination details with image data capture, smart search and deadline alert functions in one single platform.

  • Easy Configurable Roles and Permissions

    Give everyone access to the data they need–and only that data. Modification of any fields will be captured by the system to ensure data is protected and secured.

FlexSystem HRMS profile
  • Manage Time and Plan Ahead

    Eliminate manual roster and shift scheduling processes to ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift and every day. In a matter of minutes you can know who is off and project employees' leave earnings and balances. With more accurate labor forecasting, you can better predict labor needs and take actions ahead.

  • Reduce Cumbersome Paperwork

    Simplify the tedious tasks involved in monitoring employees' attendance, and data collection. Integration with payroll modules allows for a seamless transfer of time worked into your payroll calculations. Support OT and night shift allowance calculation.

  • Deliver Powerful Insights

    Real time capture punches from the source, e.g. finger scan, smart card, computer data input, etc. You can control labor costs, manage lateness and absence with multiple attendance and leave policy, and minimize overtime cost to your advantage.

FlexSystem human resources management system attendance

Key Features


Create and manage employee schedules by flexible shift or shift template in real-time.

Electronic Time Clocks

Punch-in using finger Scan, smart card, computer data input, etc


Support OT and night shift allowance calculation based on user defined rules.


Stay compliant with employment ordinance, e.g. 418 and rest day appointment

Online Time and Leave

Apply and approve leave via employee self-service platform (ESS)
View roster and leave taken history and accrual balance with one click

Detailed Report

Various leave and attendance analysis reports
Smart Search Enquiry - Measure the attendance and punctuality by different search criteria
  • Payroll That Works With Your HR, Time And Remuneration Data

    The core HR, Leave and Payroll modules are fully-integrated to facilitate easy data transfers for all your HR tasks. FlexHRIS enables automatic, flexible, and accurate payroll processing, and eliminates data redundancy and reduces the possibility of error.

  • Flexible Payroll Management

    Define your logic and rules for allowances, deductions, leave and attendance, taxes, statutory requirements to fit your diverse payroll requirements.

  • 3rd Party Compatibility

    Besides having all our modules fully connected, FlexHRIS provides extensive connectivity to auto-pay bank, MPF trustee, time clock device provider through data interfaces to ensure smooth payroll processing.

FlexSystem human resources management system payroll

Key Features

Stay Compliant With Labor Regulation

Full compliances with legal regulation in HK, Macau, and PRC, including Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2007 (713 平均工資), Minimum Wage Ordinance, Social Security Fund (China Region)


MPF mandatory & voluntary contributions / ORSO handling

Simple Tax Filing

Handle employer tax filings in electronic or paper format - IR56B, IR56E, IR56F, IR56G and IR56M

Detailed Reporting

Reconcile payroll with prebuilt, standard reporting or even more built your own payroll reports via pivot table.

Employee Access

Distribute taxation form and payroll supporting report via employee self-service (ESS)
  • Gain Insight Into Workforce With Robust Analytics

    At the click of a button, you can run advanced report on your employees to understand their performance quickly and concisely. View critical data in one visual dashboard or build your very own reports with pivot table.

FlexSystem human resources management system workforce analysis
  • Promote Employee Engagement

    FlexHRIS employee self-service portal keeps everyone in your organization connected and empowers your workforce to operate at peak efficiency.

  • Workflow Automation

    Workflow automation is another key benefit of utilising the employee self-service (ESS) platform, submitting requests online and streamline the approval process with dynamic notifications.

  • Stay Connected Anywhere

    Employees can instantly access all the HR-related tools and information they need such as pay information, leave requests, non-sensitive employee directories, attendance information, and more while maintaining high standard of security and privacy.

FlexSystem employee self service ESS

Key Features

Leave Planning

A simple way for your employees to apply leave and manage their leave balances online. Once an application has been submitted, the request is automatically routed via email to the employees’ supervisors for approval.


- With an unlimited pay history, employee can effortlessly keep track of monthly payments with e-payslips and payroll history report
- Self-service capabilities to download Tax Return IR56B form


- View attendance information, e.g. scheduled shifts, out-door work and punch records ensuring accurate and timely compliance and management of attendance.
- Request overtime compensation instead of filling in hardcopy
  • Hire and Recruitment

    Powerful solution to automate sourcing, tracking, hiring and developing the best talent for your organization. Allows job applicant to login into your company web-site to fill information for new posting opening. Automate interview schedules and manage candidate evaluations record, and optimize candidate screening using predefined criteria. Once selected, the employee details will be updated to HR core modules.

  • Performance Appraisal

    Highly configurable solution that lets you assess performance and gather feedback on an ongoing basis. Support multi-raters and appraisal questionnaires and definable scores formula and appraisal flow to acquire effective feedback of employee's performance.

  • Expense Claim

    Online expense reporting solution that tailor-made for business to simplify expense claim administration and approval. Automate recording of expenses from receipts, simplify expense reporting, streamline the approval process, and provide control over business expenditures. No more confusion about allowed expenses or spending limits.

FlexSystem human resources management system