Property and Rental Billing Management System

The Simple Way To Rent & Fill Vacancies Faster- Modern Rental Billing Management For Landlords, Property Managers, And Tenants


FlexSystem Property Management System is an integrated rental property business software with full capabilities for tenant and lease management. Streamline and automate the redundant essential tasks in leasing business includes tracking tenant information, handling all billing needs with alerts and providing in-depth analysis on your properties.

Maximize Returns On Your Property Investment

FlexSystem property and rental billing system is designed for everyone in your organization.

Property Manager

Property Manager

Less time on administrative, time-consuming tasks. More time to focus on communicate with existing or potential tenants with the support of real-time property and tenant information.



Better experience. Receive accurate information regarding your tenancy, your documents and your rent statement to ensure transparency and efficiency.

Financial Manager

Financial Manager

No double entry, all data are transferred to FlexSystem Financial Management system directly. Always have a detailed view of your income from your properties.



Reduce the number of people required to manage the leasing process.
Track the monetary success and see the ROI of your rental properties immediately.

Make property management and renting simple for everyone.

An efficient and hassle free software for property management teams to manage properties and collect rent.

  • Detailed Property Portfolio

    Instantly know the status of all of your rentals. Keep very detailed property portfolio includes property asset status, ownership information and tenancy situation, maintenance schedule and log, and images in a single one place. Equipped with inquiry functions give you more flexibility when searching and enable quick response to customers' enquiries.

FlexSystem property and rental management billing system property portfolio

Key Features

Portfolio Profile

Building portfolio

Portfolio Profile

Unit availability
Unit register

Portfolio Analysis

Occupancy analysis
Rent trend analysis
  • Easy and Quick Way To Record And Track Your Tenant Info

    Store and track tenant's information and consolidate multiple leases within a tenant profile, e.g. contract history, lease expirations, security deposits, etc. Manage lease agreement, such as charging schedule with contract period, charge period and rent-free period, rental rates, etc. Generation of lease contract based on these pre-entry information. Show you easy-to-understand overviews and detailed payment history for every tenant. Alerts of important dates always keep you one step ahead, e.g. when rents are due, which ones are late and when lease expirations are approaching.

FlexSystem property and rental management billing system tenant

Key Features

Tenant Management

Tenant Profile
Creditor in Accounting System
Tenant Leasing
Tenant Billing
Tenant Payment

Lease Management

Contract Register
Multiple Charges
Multiple Charge Period/ Frequency
Government Rate
Rent Free Period

Lease Management

Deposit & Prepayment
Contract Termination
Renew Contract
  • Lease Management Automation

    Record all detailed financial transactions such as prepayment, deposits, and overall payment history. Calculate rent, interest miscellaneous and nonrecurring charges with just few clicks. Generate a variety of billing documentation according to specific practices.

  • Improve Rent Collection

    Collect feature makes entering payments more efficient with intuitive features that enable you to search by payee, view a list of balances and credits by portfolio, record full or partial payments.

  • Calculate Late Fees Automatically

    Improve the enforcement of your late fee rules. Choose from numerous late fee rules including flat rate, percentage or sliding amounts based on the number of late days. Additional options include fee waivers and maximum fee limits. Your late fees are instantly calculated.

FlexSystem property and rental management billing system leaseing

Key Features

Billing Collection

Contract Billing
Print Invoice/ Statement of Account
Debit Note/Credit Note
Aging Report
Revenue Recognition/Amortization

Payment Management

Official Receipt
Different Payment Methods
Invoice/Debit Note Settlement
Partial Settlement
Deposit/ Prepayment Handling
Overpaid Handling


Integrated with FlexSystem Financial Management System
  • Portfolio And Cash Flow Analysis

    Examine and assess every aspect of leases, tenants, cash flow, rental income, expenses, occupancy, vacancy, financial status to give you an actionable indication for business strategic planning.

  • Complete Suite of Reports

    See upcoming, in-progress and past charges and payments, occupancy analysis and rental trend analysis all in one place. Support comprehensive inquiry functions.

FlexSystem property and rental management billing system