Fixed Assets and Depreciation Management

Take Control Of The Complete Fixed Assets Lifecycle – From Acquisition To Disposal


FlexSystem fixed asset management solution provides a simple and easy way to manage the entitle lifecycle and depreciation of fixed assets at your fingertips. FlexSystem fixed asset management solution offers error-free accounting, inventory tracking, automated depreciation processes, and comprehensive financial and tax reports over your valuable fixed assets.

Keep Track On Your Assets' Life Cycle From Acquisition To Disposal

  • Full Picture of Your Fixed Asset

    Manage the entire cycle of your asset efficiently with mass transactions handling capability. Comprehensive asset registry information, e.g. location, responsible user, maintenance log, depreciation method and details, status, etc. Capture all asset activities from its initial acquisition, movement, maintenance to disposal.

FlexSystem fixed asset software solution
  • Flexible Depreciation Method

    Flexible depreciation methods to adapt different business nature, e.g. depreciation expense allocation, straight line, reducing balance, etc. User is able to generate depreciation figures, year end financials and gain /loss figures on the revaluation or disposal of a fixed asset to minimize time-consuming routine tasks for the assets maintenance.

FlexSystem fixed asset software depreciation
  • Powerful Report And Analysis

    Comprehensive fixed asset management reports deliver the information for tax planning, better use of existing assets, future asset acquisitions, and auditing purpose. Support drill down function allow you to access more detailed information.

FlexSystem fixed asset software solution report