FlexWorkflow is classified as a Business Process Management (BPM) solution that aims to empower users easily design, simulate, implement, monitor, report and highlight the operations status and certify internal controls of business work flow processes across the whole organization. FlexWorkflow provides a full range of business process management capabilities to faster decision making process, keep check progress of each procedure,clear accountability structure, and ultimate boost productivity.

How it works?

By implementing automated business processes with FlexWorkflow, department and businesses can enjoy the following benefits:

blue bulletImprove efficiency by automating the manual work of assigning tasks
blue bulletEnhance accuracy and reduce completion time via standardized procedures
blue bulletAchieve continuous improvement via performance analysis tool

Flexworkflow E-form


Easy-to-use interface bridge the gap between business and IT professionals; the easy-to-use graphical Workflow and Form Designer in FlexWorkflow enables users quickly create workflow diagrams, design e-form and define routing with a simple, intuitive graphical interface. Simply drag-and-drop ease, coding and IT support aren't necessary. Users can create, alter and maintain a workflow easily to meet changing business needs. Moreover, unlimited workflow processes enable users to rapidly design and run any business process to cope with business growth.

Flexworkflow Design Tool

Implementation and Execution

Standardize and automate your business operations; initiate a new work order, define the paths, parameter, participants, tie the forms to a workflow. FlexWorkflow will then generate and receive next-step tasks and priorities automatically and assign information and task to users. Keeping all information, execution and stakeholders in a single point of control enhances transparency with in the organization. In addition, web support enable users operate anytime, anywhere, from any device to maximize efficiency. As part of the user experience within FlexWorkflow, the integrated Documentation Management solution allow users easily store, retrieve and comment all related documents in e-format for traceable decision-making and tracking purpose.


Monitor and Optimize

Gain real time visibility and accountability; view up-to-the-minute process status, progress, and task completion and track their closure. Various reports on the workflow data help manager to reduce process bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and ultimate optimal business performance. Simple diagram showing each task's hierarchy, authority, procedure and status,etc, give you a real time bird's eye view of your business operations. Automatic alerts and notification after an action has been taken or any action will be due soon. Users are notified when a new task has created for them, or if a task has not been completed within certain period.

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Human Resources
Expense Claims
Leave Application
Employee Appraisal


Customer Service
Complaint Handling
Enquiry Follow-up
Warranty & Repair


Order Processing
Quality Inspection
Budget Control


Sales & Marketing
Order Monitoring
PO, RFQ, SO etc
Offer Approval