FlexSystem Property Management System PMS

FlexSystem Property Management System is an integrated rental property business software with full capabilities for tenant and lease management. Streamline and automate the redundant essential tasks in leasing business includes tracking tenant information, handling all billing needs with alerts and providing in-depth analysis on your properties.

blue bulletEnhance Financial Integrity
blue bulletImprove Business Planning
blue bulletIntegrated with FESA Financial Management System
Property Management

Property Portfolio Management

Instantly know the status of all of your rentals. Keep very detailed property portfolio includes property asset status, ownership information and tenancy situation, maintenance schedule and log, and image much more in a single one place. Equipped with inquiry functions give you more flexibility when searching and enable quick response to customers' enquiries.

Key Features:

  • Building portfolio
  • Unit register
  • Unit availability
  • Ownership

Tenants and Lease Management

Store and track tenant's information and consolidate multiple leases within a tenant profile. Manage lease agreement, such as charging schedule with contract period, charge period and rent-free period, rental rates, etc. Generation of lease contract based on these pre-entry information.

Key Features:

  • Tenant profile
  • Creditor in accounting system
  • Tenant leasing
  • Tenant billing
  • Tenant payment
  • Contract register
  • Multiple charges
  • Rent free period
  • Deposit & Prepayment
  • Contract termination/ Renew
Billing and Payment

Billing and Payment Collection

Record all detailed financial transactions such as prepayment, deposits, and overall payment history. Calculate rent, interest miscellaneous and nonrecurring charges with just few clicks. Automatic reminder informs landlords and tenants of delinquent rent payments. Generate a variety of billing documentation according to specific practices.

Key Features:

  • Contract billing
  • Print invoice/ Statement of account
  • Debit note/Credit note
  • Revenue Recognition/Amortization
  • Integrated with FESA Financial Management System

Analysis The Performance of Your Properties

Examine and assess every aspect of leases, tenants, rent trend, occupancy, vacancy, financial status to give you an actionable indication for business strategic planning. Built-in drill-down function enable you to trace back the detail and see how a value was calculated.