FlexSystem HRIS HR System

FlexSystem Human Resources Management System

People form the true value of most businesses. The effective and comprehensive management of their competencies, knowledge and personal attributes can be complex and result in high administrative overheads. With FlexSystem HRIS, a professional HR system where you can automate HR process from recruitment, training, talent management, payroll, appraisal, remuneration. FlexHRIS HR system will help you to monitor and analysis your investment in human resources.

blue bulletIntegrate all HR processes across your organization
blue bulletAutomate your management of employment life-cycle
blue bulletCompliance with Government Regulations in HK and PRC
FlexSystem HRMS Administration Module

Employee Profile Administration

Manage the entire employee life-cycle efficiently via FlexHRIS. Comprehensive employee profile, contract, staff salary and benefits package, company assets, movement details of employment life-cycle with image data capture function. Easy manage employee's training history and details with image data capture function within the HR system. It can also track and store training records for each activity undertaken. Ensure your workforce is adequately trained for specific job duties and keep an eye on company's investment on training.

FlexSystem HRMS Payroll Module

HR Payroll Management

Integrate HR payroll functionality with HR databases to ensure accurate tax and benefit withholding and proper accounting payroll procedures, which automates the payroll process and increases accuracy. FlexHRIS hr system capables to handle complex and changing payroll requirements and compliances with legal regulation in HK, Macau, and PRC.

Key Features:

  • Customized HR Payroll Formula and Items
  • Customized Bank Auto Pay Format
  • Multi Payroll Generation
  • Taxation Form: IR56B/E/F/G/M
  • 713 Employment (Amendment) Ordinance (RSE/平均工資)
  • MPF or ORSO
    Minimum Wages
FlexSystem HRMS Performance Appraisal Module

Performance Appraisal Management

Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of performance: job skills, abilities, personal attributes, etc. Support multi-raters to acquire effective feedback of employee's performance.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Assessment Form
  • Employee Self-Appraisal
  • Definable Scores Formula
  • Definable Appraisal Flow
  • Support Employee Self Service (ESS)
Flexhris e-leave, ESS

Comprehensive Attendance & Leave Management

Faster and simplify the entire leave management process with FlexHRIS HR system. Manage real time clock in/out data give
you an indication for employee's performance. Employee could manage leave requests via Employee Self Service Platform (ESS).

Key Features:

  • Definable Leave Policy Leave
  • Leave Application/Approval
  • Updated Leave Details & Balance
  • Realtime Attendance Recording
  • Overtime and Absence Payroll
  • Interface with Payroll

Employee Self Service (ESS)

The Employee Self Service (ESS) platform increases efficiency and provides paperless workflow operations.
It enables employee view or update information of staff record by themselves.

Key Features:

  • Online Leave Application and Cancellation
  • Approval Workflow and Delegation
  • Download Pay Slip and Tax Return Forms