FlexSystem FION

FlexSystem Financial Query

Get inside your business for better decision marking. When it comes to information access and reporting, a regular pre-set report format is definitely can't fulfill your unique needs. We know your business demands detailed information from many varied points of reference.

FlexSystem Financial Query tool, FION, answers these demands by extracting real time data in spreadsheet program to support your real time information enquiry, reporting and analysis needs. With this tool, you are empowered to easily create your own desired report format with unlimited analysis angle capability and real time access to FlexAccount data.

FlexSystem Consolidation

FlexSystem Consolidation

FlexSystem Consolidation is specially design for multi-entity organizations that provides automation of group consolidation and budgeting functions to meet financial regulatory requirements and to facilitate the reconciliation between differing standards. It dramatically accelerate the closing and reporting cycles by automating inter-company reconciliations, consolidation adjustments and group reporting while providing a in-depth insight into financial performance.

Flexible report generation by specific measurement rules, fit both IFRS requirements or monitor propose.

Automatic Foreign currency translation to save time and improve accuracy and simplify the complexity multi-national planning and reporting. FlexSystem Consolidation solution has capabilities to use different exchange rate calculation methods including common currency, avgerage rate, closing rate and historical rate. Get up-to-date and real time information of assets value.

Handle different financial period and account code mapping.

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FlexSystem Fixed Asset Management System

Flexsystem Fixed Asset

FlexSystem Fixed Asset Management System provides a simple and easy way to manage the entitle lifecycle and depreciation of fixed assets at your fingertips. FlexSystem Fixed Asset offers error-free accounting, inventory tracking, automated depreciation processes, smoother budgeting processes and comprehensive financial and tax report over your valuable fixed assets.

Full Picture of Your Fixed Asset

Manage the entire cycle of your asset efficiently with mass transactions handling capability. Comprehensive asset registry information,e.g. location, responsible user, maintenance log, depreciation method and details, status, etc. Capture all asset activites from its initial acquisition, movement, maintenance to disposal.

User-definable depreciation methods

Flexible depreciation methods to adapt different business nature, e.g. depreciation expense allocation, straight line, reducing balance,etc ; and auomate generation of depreciation figures and gain /loss figures on the revaluation or disposal of a fixed asset.

Effective Audit Control

Comprehensive standard report delivers the information for audit purpose or insight
you need to make informed management decisions. Support drill down function allow
you to access more details information.