FlexSystem Financial Management Software

FlexSystem Financial Management Software is an integrated, sophisticated and accountant-oriented accounting system that composes various modules to help organization process and manage its account transactions. FlexSystem accounting software i.e. FlexAccount is a full-featured financial management software for integrating General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable through a single entry. The accounting system also contains a broad set of functionality to handle multi- currency, multi- location, inter- company transaction, consolidation, budget control, auditing, multi- dimensional analysis.

blue bulletEnd-to-end financial & accounting software soluiton supports a variety of industries
blue bulletIntegrate with other FlexSystem FESA software or can stand alone
blue bulletSimplify financial & accounting processes via FlexAccount system, e.g. billing & collection, budgeting, electronic bank reconciliation, etc

General Ledger

General Ledger is the backbone of an accounting software. It integrates G/L, A/R, A/P from throughout your business and helps you monitor the fiscal health of your organization in real time. It maintains financial information as well as budget information and all transaction historys from all other modules in single one location.

Configurable Hierarchy Setting

User can setup and structure multi-level hierarchy, grouping rules and unlimited number of ledgers in FlexAccount system enables you to avoid the pain of reworking accounting and consolidation process. Since user can define account code and analysis code, FlexSystem accounting software enables user generates reports from different dimension, e.g. job analysis, profit and cost center analysis. User can view every activities of each account with drill-down function. Allocate any entry over multiple accounts can based on predefined allocation rules to reduce the time to data entry and transaction analysis. Establish allocation rules based on either percentage or headcount to other General Ledger account balances.

Multi-Layers Budget Management

Monitor the budget of General Ledger activity within the organization. User can define budget at company, department or cost center level in FlexAccount system. In order to gain better control of budget, user can set budgeted amount for each account and FlexAccount will then automatically send alerts if any account over budget.

Financial Control and Audit Trial

Track any modification on financial data with detail edit list and auditing report across the organization give you high transparency and security of operations.

Multi- Levels Security

All the financial data are protected with various security levels and dimensions for different users in accounting software. FlexAccount allows you to control who has the right to access organization's confidential information. User permissions and restrictions can be determined by multiple layers to prevent unauthorized account access and restrict access sensitive information.

Bank Reconciliation

Simplify the process of reconciling your account balances with bank statements. For each bank account you can import the statement information directly from electronic bank file and reconcile it with cash account transactions in the accounting software.