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Established in 1987, FlexSystem is a leading enterprise solutions provider in the Greater China region. With rich history of innovation, FlexSystem offers the most complete platform of enterprise software solutions, supported by extensive professional services and client support. Each one is tactically designed to drive productivity, performance and profitability of business operations.
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With more than 26 years establishment, 2000+ installations, and more than 15 countries covered , FlexSystem becomes one of the largest enterprise solution software provider in Asia Pacific. Today, FlexSystem is headquartered Hong Kong with regional offices in Asian Pacific. We employs more than 300 professionals to develop and market high quality solutions and services.

FlexSystem empowers you to manage better with less resources, FlexSystem enables your software to meet your specify needs by tailoring our collaboration; and the most important we deliver the insight you need to embrace the opportunities in ever-changing world. FlexSystem is dedicated ourselves to building lasting relationships with our clients and providing the best suit total solution and service.

Why choose FlexHRIS

FlexHRIS is a group of professionals under FlexSystem. Our professional team acquire the skill set required for understanding our client's most crucial business aspects. With market knowledge, technology and industrial understanding and excellent customer service, the mix of expertises allow us to exactly meet your specify technical and operational requirements.

We're interested in learning more about your business, find out what you're looking for, and if a FlexSystem solution would assist you with your day to day business.

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